About Porter, Porter & Hassinger

Who are we?

A Team of Dedicated Defense Attorneys

Porter, Porter & Hassinger, P.C. was founded in 1986 as a litigation and corporate law firm. We represent individual and corporate clients in Alabama and across the United States in a wide range of matters, including insurance defense, workers’ compensation, municipal liability, employment law, wills and probate law, and product’s liability.

We pride ourselves on our ability to formulate creative solutions to seemingly intractable problems. Importantly, we view litigation not as an end in itself, but as a tool to be used judiciously, when negotiations will not achieve a client’s desired results, or to encourage the parties to a negotiated settlement as quickly as possible. Almost all clients are seeking a resolution to a business problem and litigation is seen by us as leverage to achieve a business result. We are not averse to using the full panoply of dispute resolution alternatives when appropriate, often at substantial cost savings, and we have extensive experience in this area.

Conversely, some matters simply cannot be settled, and the Firm has significant trial experience in the federal and state courts. Often the specter of a trial by lawyers who are fully prepared to try cases will ultimately bring about a negotiated solution to a dispute. When litigation is required, we practice it with tenacity and in accordance with the highest standards of professional excellence. In order to maximize efficiency and minimize costs, we do not over staff cases, yet we are careful to give each matter all of the time and attention it requires.

Practice Areas

Appellate Counsel

Attorneys at Porter, Porter & Hassinger have served as appellate counsel in all phases of litigation, representing clients and assisting trial counsel in identifying issues that might be raised on appeal well before a case is ever tried.  We have represented clients before the Alabama Supreme Court, the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals, and the United States

Municipal and Local Government Law

Local governmental entities can confront the same legal problems as any other individual or organization, but often face challenges that are unique as well.  Porter, Porter & Hassinger has extensive experience representing cities, towns, counties and their officers and employees in matters ranging from alleged civil rights violations, employment disputes and personal injury matters to zoning applications, municipal annexations, and tax collection.  

Labor, Employment and Worker’s Compensation

The best way to avoid legal issues regarding the employer/employee relationship is to address potential problems before they arise.  Our attorneys have counseled clients before a lawsuit is ever filed regarding employment issues in such areas as wrongful termination, the Alabama Worker’s Compensation Act, the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Family Medical Leave Act, the Fair Labor Standards Act, and Title VII. Should litigation become necessary we have successfully defended cases in both state and federal courts, achieving the most satisfactory results a litigant can expect.

Insurance Defense

Porter, Porter & Hassinger represents insurance policy holders, whether they be corporations, municipalities, or individuals, in all manner of litigation, including claims of products liability, premises liability, and wrongful death and other person injury actions.  

Products Liability

Our firm has defended various lawsuits in state and federal courts against product manufacturers, particularly those within the firearms industry.  Often, products liability cases can be very complex, and can require consultation from medical professionals, engineers or regulatory specialists – our extensive experience handling these types of cases can help us achieve the most efficient and economical resolution for our clients.  

Wills, Estates and Probate Law

The attorneys at Porter, Porter & Hassinger, PC can assist you with devising a plan, prior to your death, to protect your interests and assets, and to carry out your final wishes, when that eventuality occurs. We utilize a variety of estate planning tools, including Simple and Complex Wills, Trusts, Durable Powers of Attorney and Living Wills to help you accomplish those wishes.

Our attorneys are also here for the families of decedents, to guide them through the probate process. When a loved one passes away, it is often overwhelming for those left. behind to navigate the probate process, to assure that the loved one’s Will is validated, to distribute the assets according to his or her final wishes, and to meet all of the requirements of the law in the probate or administration of the estate. Our attorneys have the skill and experience necessary to help the families of decedents through this trying